The Emerson Bus during The Spring Racing Carnival

Everything you need to know about The Emerson Bus during The Spring racing Carnival

Whether you’re spending the day at the racecourse for a corporate affair at Melbourne Cup or Oaks Day with the ladies, we have multiple buses to get you from Flemington Racecourse to The Emerson after parties safely and efficiently. On ALL race days.
“How do I get on this bus?” You ask.
Below is a step by step guide on how to register.

Step 1: Round up your crew! You’re going to the races! Organise what day to go to (or go to all! We have buses for every day)

Step 2: Head to our website and get yourself some tickets. Select the day, quantity and register your details. (Make sure your mobile number is correct. We SMS you on the day with all the information you need to know)

Step 3: The dreaded payment method BUT it’s not bad we promise. The $10 bus ticket gets you:
a) Transport from Flemington Racecourse to The Emerson after party. Have you been on an Emerson bus before? Our resident DJs select tunes for each race day and we blast the speakers for the 30min bus ride to South Yarra. Music and Dancing in your seat – The Emerson Bus is far from boring.
b) Complimentary VIP entry into The Emerson – no lining up!
c) Complimentary drink on arrival – need I say more?

Step 4: Race day is here – Enjoy your day on the track.

Step 5: Last race is over, you’ve made some, you’ve lost some but regardless you’re ready to party!!
You’re outside the track – Look up, see the Emerson balloons high in the sky? Follow them.

Step 6: Look to the side? See the pretty girl holding an Emerson Umbrella? Ask her for directions. She’ll show you the way.

Step 7: You’re at the bus, show your ticket and hop on. See you at The Emerson.

This year The Emerson Rooftop presents The Veuve Clicquot Racing Club.
From track side to pool side The Emerson Rooftop is your off-track destination for the Spring Racing Carnival.

To keep up to date with all things The Emerson and Spring Carnival head to our Facebook page and invite your friends!
Do it in style with Booth and VIP bookings available all race days.
[email protected] |(03) 98250900 | theemerson.com.au
Rooftop open from 12pm | Club open from 6pm

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