Does your drink reflect your personality?

People say you are what you eat. I say you are what you drink.

While your choice of tipple does not define who you are, from my experience it certainly says a lot about your personality.

The Champagne flute
You’re a rare combination of swanky and sass. I’ve seen you start with just one after work Champagne and end up dancing on tables at 3am. You love life and never let Saturday morning plans get in the way of a good Friday night.

A Glass of Red Wine
Pure sophistication. You’re easy to talk to and enjoy good conversation like you do your drink. You’re determined, successful and like to be part of the social scene, which is why I see you every Friday after work.

Glass of Beer
I’ve caught you on a Saturday afternoon on the rooftop, starting the evening by having a good yarn with your mates. You’re open minded, energetic and enjoy being in the middle of the action.

Vodka and soda
I’m likely to see you exhibiting some serious moves on the dance floor. You’re great to be around and love to be in the center of the club when the confetti drops. If not on the dance floor, you’re probably deep in conversation with your new friend you’ve just met in the bathroom.

Whisky on the rocks
Some say player, I say charmer. You’re more of a bar leaner and have been spotted in the VIP section with a selection of your closest mates. Always up for a good time but not wanting to be the center of attention, you wait for the fun to find you.

“Whatever you recommend”
You’re a true adventurer. You trust our bar staff to know what you’ll enjoy, and they rarely get it wrong. You’re creative and always willing to try something new. Life is for experimentation. You’re in the right place.

You’re an exceptional person who doesn’t need alcohol to have a good time. I’ve seen you helping your friends into a cab at the end of the night making sure everyone gets home okay. You’re a true legend – I salute you.

Whoever you are, I welcome you to my house. As your taste buds grow and life becomes more complex, you know there’s always a place for you here. Whatever you’re drinking, drink with me.


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