Throughout his stellar turntable tenure, his unprecedented talent and skill behind the decks, and eclectic track selection has led to play at every major electronic music festival to grace the state of Victoria, as well as being a feature at the hugely successful Likes Of You parties. He has been on the bill alongside every international known to man and a resident at every club in Melbourne that one would desire to have.
Tom can play a wide variety of genres accommodating to needs and desires of promoters and venue owners, with proficiency in House, Deep House & Techno. With a preference and appreciation for more melodic sounds Tom has no pretensions about structuring a commercial orientated room where required .
Armed with charisma reserved for genuine knockabout blokes and along with his prodigious talent, Tom finds himself in the enviable position of being booked up to six months ahead of schedule. With such a full timetable preceding the subsequent hangovers, Tom routinely spends his mornings after DJing relishing the finer things in life, a hearty bacon and eggs breakfast in bed.