Jolyon Petch

“Official Remixer to Britney Spears & T.I., Mel B (Spice Girls), The Pet Shop Boys & Example, Ron Carroll, Carmen Electra, Freemasons, Jessica Sutta (Pussycat Dolls) Full Intention & The Soul Avengerz”
He has been producing house music since 2002 and has worked with and remixed for the likes of Freemasons, Kid Créme, Soul Avengerz, Full Intention, Jon Fitz, Stonebridge, Jason Herd, Marco Demark, Solitaire, Leggz, Marc Mysterio, Rave Radio, Dr Don Don, Yanik Coen and Trance superstars - Agnelli & Nelson.
2013 saw Jolyon relocate to Melbourne and snapped up by the best clubs in the city. In late 2013 He has officially remixed for acts such as The Pet Shop Boys, Example, Jessica Sutta (Pussy Cat Dolls), Mel B (Spice Girls), Ron Carroll. While 2014 he has officially remixed for Britney Spears & T.I ‘s new collab. Plus his hot remix for Hollywood superstar - Carmen Electra.