Growing up in exotic tropical South-East Asia and then moving to vibrant cosmopolitan Melbourne 9 years ago, DJ Duchess Kay has experienced myriad tastes and styles of party music and its evolution through time. Duchess Kay’s eclectic flavour of upbeat dance infused R&B, commercial hit tunes and electro beats guarantees to unleash your inner freak on the dance floor!
Mentored by the great DJ KC (3x DMC Champion), Duchess Kay has added her own demeanour and unique personality to the mesh of refined technical mixing abilities and has since taken the club scene by storm.
The diverse range of clubs conquered by the Duchess is attributed to her notorious ability to reach out, feel, and tease the crowd as well as the willingness to spin mixes across a wide variety of genres to get the crowd partying till the break of dawn.
DJ Duchess Kay is not just about her good music. What makes her one of the hottest up-and-coming DJ’s in Melbourne is her insatiable hunger to push herself, her music and her DJ career to greater heights and thus constantly seek ways to improve her repertoire as well as expand her reach across the world!