The Emerson Bus during The Spring Racing Carnival

Everything you need to know about The Emerson Bus during The Spring racing Carnival

Whether you’re spending the day at the racecourse for a corporate affair at Melbourne Cup or Oaks Day with the ladies, we have multiple buses to get you from Flemington Racecourse to The Emerson after parties safely and efficiently. On ALL race days. “How do I get on this bus?” You ask. Below is a... View Article

Does your drink reflect your personality?

People say you are what you eat. I say you are what you drink.

While your choice of tipple does not define who you are, from my experience it certainly says a lot about your personality. The Champagne flute You’re a rare combination of swanky and sass. I’ve seen you start with just one after work Champagne and end up dancing on tables at 3am. You love life and...

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